HQ Download Section

Required Ghost Recon GR:AW 2 Usefull

Required for the "Hotel Foxtrot" Server!


The close combat maps from the game "Sum Of All Fears".

HX 5

A populair mod, by harntrox.


DarkAngel V4.9. Also a populair mod, containing lots of weapons and some unique maps.

Ghost Recon

HQ Platoon

This small (40KB) mod will add 15 multiplayer actors to the blue team, including 4 Female.

Updated Sunday, December 12, 2006

HQ Sniper Cannon

A HQ modded mod
(original by Stalker_Zero)
This mod is still in a development phase.
There might still be a few adjustments to be made.
Check regularly for updates.

Updated 2006-11-09

Silent Killers

Silent Killers
The Silent killers Weapons and Maps Mods
External download location

Patch 1.4

This patch will update your ghost recon game to version 1.4


HQ Dam

Do you like blowing up tanks?
Do you like blowing up a heli?
Do you like gunning down lots of tangos?
Download this exiting multiplayer coop mission

HQ Lagoon

The second HQ map/mission mod for GRAW2
Objectives: Clear the airspace by destroying 3 ADATS.

HQ The Long Walk

Another HQ map/mission mod for GRAW2, based on the campaign mission06.
Your objectives are:

Wanna try Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2?

Download the multiplayer demo here:
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 MP Demo


File Planet GR


X Fire
All Seeing Eye

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